The Haunting Mystery of Buffa di Perrero

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Perched high in Italy’s Dolomite Mountains, jutting out of the rock face is a solitary, isolated house called “Buffa Di Perrero”.

Located in a remote location in the Dolomite mountains of Italy, this house is mostly still camouflaged in the rugged brown mountain terrain and is often referred to as “the loneliest house in the world”. With a front door overlooking an altitude of nearly 2,800 meters, this house certainly does not bring a sense of security for many people.

Buffa Di Perrero is built on the edge of a mountain in an almost inaccessible location. But this quaint site has attracted climbers and adventurers for years. The house is more than 100 years old and exudes a terrifying aura of mystery and insecurity.

Climb 2,800 meters above sea level, cross the rocky surfaces of Italy’s Dolomite Mountains, and you’ll find the Buffa di Perrero. For decades, people have been thinking about how people can get access to the house, which is said to have been built more than 100 years ago during World War I.

Buffa Di Perrero is a quaint detached house set in the rock face of the Dolomite Mountains. The unrealistic location of this empty house is perhaps the most fascinating fact about it. A century ago, climbing to this high, remote mountain location was only possible using rope ladders and makeshift cable cars to transport construction materials.

And to this day, it is still a difficult and dangerous mountain trail, not easily accessible. At present, only the most skilled, experienced climbers are brave enough to cross the extremely difficult Via Ferrata Ivano Dibona (meaning “railway” in Italian).

The Via Ferrata Ivano Dibona route has now been fitted with cables, steps and steel ladders fitted throughout the route to assist climbers trying to cross this treacherous terrain and visit the house.

There are many stories that Italian soldiers built this house as a shelter, so that they could hide from dangers and rest after fighting the Austro-Hungarians.

If you can look inside this house, it’s pretty simple and nothing special. The architecture is straight and simple, giving the impression that the house serves a very basic purpose – as a place to rest. It has brick walls, a narrow wood-paneled room, a slanted roof, and framed windows. Inside, there are a few white wooden chairs, placed indiscriminately, proving that there used to be people resting here.

This 100-year-old house is actually just a small wooden-paneled room with a few strange white wooden chairs. It reminded people of the modern soldiers or explorers who had visited here.

While people wonder why this house was built on this extremely inaccessible terrain, historians believe it was once used as a resting place for Italian soldiers during World War I. – they had fought the Austro-Hungarian army in the rugged mountainous terrain. It also acted as a refuge to store supplies of food and weapons for the rebels, as well as a refuge from the enemy and perhaps also to gain a strategic advantage in war.

This house has been named after the Alpini soldier, Colonel Carlo Buffa di Perrero, a war hero with a passion for the mountains. He died at the front line from an enemy grenade. The roof of the Pererro house was completely destroyed by the blizzard, making the house unusable even for climbers. However, recently, in memory and honor of Buffa Di Perrero, it was decided to renovate this house.

Explorers are warned that this road can not be conquered by everyone, participants must be “extremely physically fit” to go up. According to experienced people, some of the trails on the Dolomites can take about a week to hike. After conquering all the dangerous roads, tourists can admire this unique house with their own eyes.

So far, people have opened tours at this house. The Buffa di Perrero is only accessible by rope ladders and makeshift cable cars. In addition, tourists can also go by the craggy mountain trail that only those brave enough dare to climb.

Club Alpino Italiano (CAI), a group that oversees hiking trails in the area, took the inspiration from this unique home to create a similar construction. They built a modern shelter for tourists to visit and explore.

These guys have built a new modern hiking paradise for visitors that is located next to the Forcella Marmarole pass and can accommodate up to 12 people. Adventurers can look to the means of support so far before embarking on an grueling five-hour hike to the scenic refuge.

It can be said that Buffa di Perrero is an impressive and unique work. It is a testament to human creativity and extraordinary ability.

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