The 15 Most Popular Rabbit Breeds Today

The 15 Most Popular Rabbit Breeds Today. Below is a list of the most popular domestic rabbit breeds, all of which are great as children’s pets.

1. Lionhead Rabbit Breed


The Lionhead Rabbit is an increasingly popular rabbit breed that can be identified by the striking and distinctive hairy mane on the neck, similar to that of a lion, hence the breed’s name.

These oddly cute bunnies come in a variety of colors and average about 3.75 pounds. Their personalities make them a great choice for pets or show animals.

2. Giant Flemish Rabbit Breed

The giant Flemish rabbit is considered one of the oldest, calmest and largest rabbit breeds in existence. They typically weigh up to +16 pounds and come in 7 standard colors. They are considered the most popular rabbit breed due to their easy-going, laid-back personalities.

3. Folded Holland Rabbit

The Dutch Fold is a small rabbit with a short, stocky body that is almost boxy, somewhat resembling a bulldog. They have short, drooping ears and a prominent tuft of feathers atop their heads. The average weight for this breed is usually plus or minus 3.5 pounds. They come in many different colors.

4. Giant Continental Rabbit

The specific size and style of giant continental rabbits vary, depending on each person’s country of origin. In general, however, they are the largest rabbit breed in existence, with an average weight typically between 18-22 pounds. They are also known for having very large, erect ears.

Giant Continental Rabbits come in a variety of colors, but the standard has 8 basic colors. They are very intelligent and thrive on a lot of human interaction.

5. Dutch Dwarf Rabbit

The Dutch Dwarf Rabbit is a very active breed of small rabbits. They usually weigh about 2.5 pounds, have short, erect ears, and come in a variety of colors. Given their small size and such high energy levels, they are often aggressive. If you choose a Dutch dwarf as a pet or for display purposes, you should choose wisely, especially if this rabbit is intended for children.

6. Dutch Rabbit

Dutch rabbits are identifiable by their unique color combination (white and another primary color) with a precise marking pattern.

They weigh about 4 pounds and have a short, compact body with short, erect ears. Generally speaking, they are a docile breed, so they are good choices as pets. They are also popular on the bunny show stage.

7. British Fold Rabbit

The English Fold is a large rabbit with overgrown and overgrown ears, with an average head-to-head length of 21-32 inches. These calm, easy-going rabbits typically weigh around 12 pounds and are available in a variety of colors. Most British bobcat owners choose to display them, but they are very good pets.

8. French Fold Rabbit

The French Fold is a commercial or medium-sized breed that is prized for its sweet, calm, and intelligent traits. They have a boxy head and drooping ears.

What is commonly referred to as a French fold typically weighs about 14 pounds. This breed is available in many colors, and they are often a great choice for pets and display purposes.

9. Mini Rex Rabbit Breed

The Mini Rex is a small, compact rabbit breed known for the silky texture of its soft fur. Most are calm and kind, though not always, so care should be taken when choosing one of these rabbit breeds as a child’s pet, as if the child would show the rabbit. They are relatively easy to keep as they weigh 4.5 lbs.

10. Polish Rabbit Breed

Polish rabbits are known for their small size and average weight around 2-3 pounds, making them a good choice if limited space is an issue. Known as the “nobles” of the rabbit world, they come in 7 standard primary colors.

These rabbits are generally peaceful and friendly, making them one of the most popular rabbit breeds for children to keep and show off.

11. American Rabbit Breeds

The American Rabbit is officially a rare breed of rabbit. Therefore, they are a difficult breed to obtain. Previously they were named “Green Vienna German Rabbit” and then “American Blue”, and now, the newest name is American Rabbit, which is only available in white and blue.

Also, this is a large, strong rabbit breed; the average weight is 10-12 pounds. They are kind, calm bunnies that make a great choice for both beginners and experienced owners.

12. Beveren Rabbit Breed

Beverens are a very active and curious breed, but they are known to be docile and docile. They are a great choice as pets or pets for older children and adults. They come in red, white or blue. Since they are medium in size and weigh up to 12 pounds, they need plenty of space for living conditions.

13. California Rabbit Breeds

The California Rabbit is a commercial breed known primarily for its ability to display and produce meat. They are easily identified by their white body and colored patches on their ears, nose, tail and paws. These rabbits usually weigh 10-12 pounds. They are very docile and are a popular breed, which makes them easy to obtain.

14. American Fold Rabbit

The American Fold, or fluff as it’s commonly known, is the social butterfly of the rabbit world. They are active, curious and playful. These qualities make them great pets, but something to watch out for with this rabbit breed. As the name suggests, they have a longer fleece-type coat that must be combed regularly on a strict schedule to prevent frizz.

They are available in a variety of colors. On the other hand, they are small and have short ears, making them easy to feed; they weigh an average of 3.5 pounds. They are also good choices for performances.

15. Sable American Rabbit

The American Sable Rabbit is a beautiful grey rabbit that comes in two breeds. They are social, friendly and energetic rabbits. Medium in size, about 8-9 pounds, the Rabbit Sable is easy to care for, raise and house for display and as a pet.

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