You Won’t Believe This Congressman’s Theory on UFOs’ True Makers

Get Ready – Congress Is Finally Tackling the UFO Mystery! 7 Wild Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Highly Anticipated Congressional Hearings For the first time ever, the U.S. Congress is holding open hearings on UFOs starting July 26th. Whistleblowers like David Grusch, Ryan Graves and David Fravor are set to testify about their mind-bending encounters and what the government really knows.

UFOs – Ancient Civilization on Earth? In a shocking theory, Rep. Mike Gallagher floated the idea that UFOs could represent an “ancient civilization” that has been secretly lurking on our planet until now when they’ve started revealing themselves.

The “Terminator” Time Travel Theory Gallagher didn’t stop there – he even suggested UFOs could be human time travelers from the future a la The Terminator! The congressman says he’s open to hearing all possible explanations.

Groundbreaking Official Testimony During recent interviews, whistleblower David Grusch has claimed the U.S. has definitive proof of alien spacecraft and biological remains, recovered as far back as a 1933 incident in Italy that was covered up.

Vatican’s Role in the Cover-Up? According to Grusch’s controversial assertions, in 1944-45 the Vatican alerted the U.S. about the recovered UFO from the 1930s, proving the church’s awareness of alien visitations for decades.

Famed Astronaut’s Take Even British astronaut Tim Peake has weighed in, speculating that the strange UFOs caught on military video could be either time-traveling humans or alien spacecraft from ancient civilizations.

The Truth Emerges With all these revelations, whistleblower testimonies, and wild theories, it’s clear we’re finally on the verge of uncovering the truth about UFOs and their potential otherworldly origins after decades of government secrecy.Fr

om ancient alien civilizations to time travelers to extraterrestrial visitations – all these possibilities are squarely on the table. The upcoming congressional hearings promise to be a pivotal moment in getting real answers about strange aerial phenomena and what humanity’s place is in the universe.

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