UFO sighting: Terrifying video shows mysterious pill-shaped object pass by plane

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UFO Sighting Over North Carolina Sky: A Pill-Shaped Enigma

The Mysterious Flash: In January 2019, Bret Jones, an intrepid skywatcher, aimed his camera at the heavens above Greensboro, North Carolina. What he captured was no ordinary sight. A strange flashing light danced across the sky, defying explanation. Was it a mere lens trick or something more?

The UFO Unveiled: The video, shared by @spacebret on YouTube, reveals an aircraft with a peculiar glow. It moved leisurely, trailing behind the faster planes. For a fleeting 10 seconds, the random flashes mesmerized Bret. But what lay hidden in those frames?

The Curious Shape: Bret’s camera struggled to focus, yet destiny intervened. Upon reviewing the footage, he was blown away. The object defied categorization. Imagine a pill-shaped vessel with bullet-like ends—hovering silently, its secrets locked within.

The California Connection: Viewers chimed in. Some had witnessed similar phenomena over the ocean. Bright lights, inexplicable blinks—these cosmic winks transcended time and geography. Perhaps the universe whispered its secrets to those who dared to look up.

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