Touching Story of a Shelter Dog’s Plea to Hold Hands for Comfort

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As Mack was wandering the streets of Pasco, Washington, a well-meaning person took her to the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, hoping she would find a loving family.

Among the many other dogs vying for attention, the sweet, upbeat Mike begins to paw through the cage’s fence, encouraging passersby to hold hands.

Soon, someone did it.

“She’s a favorite of mine and many other volunteers!” Julie Saraceno, a volunteer at the shelter, tells us. “I was hooked on her the first day she pawed me out of her kennel!”

A sweet and lovable dog, the black lab mix is ​​well known in shelters for his intelligence, love of people, and passion for walking.

Mike quickly learned that if she waved to people through the bar, she’d get more love and attention. It also persuaded onlookers to give her more treats.

Saraceno wanted Mac to find her forever family, so she posted a video of the lab on social media, which quickly went viral.

Soon people were leaving messages asking if they could adopt a Mac.

A woman who saw the video drove all the way from Montana to see if a Mac would fit. They got in touch immediately and Mike found her new home.

“I shed tears of happiness!” Saraceno said.

Now free from the cold metal fence of the kennel, Mac doesn’t have to constantly reach out for attention – her loving family is always nearby.

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