This rescued dog found an adorable way to capture attention

Athena the Stray Dog captures hearts effortlessly as she holds up her food bowl, casting hopeful glances at passersby for some love and attention.

In September, construction workers encountered the 6-year-old German Shepherd while en route to a job site in southeast Texas. Moved by her plight, they quenched her thirst with water and promptly alerted the local rescue service, Be Intentional.

Upon examination at the vet, Athena’s poor condition became apparent. Christie Kasko, founder of Be Intentional, revealed, “She had a harness that was way too small for her… She had a lot of parasites in her system. She also had one of the worst cases of sarcoptic mange the vet had ever seen.”

Throughout her treatment for multiple infections, Athena discovered a clever way to garner extra love and treats—by holding her bowl in her mouth whenever caregivers passed by. Her irresistible charm won over everyone’s hearts, especially considering the hardships she had endured.

“She gets a lot of attention and a lot of food,” Kasko remarked. “She quickly learned that holding her bowl with her cute little face allowed her to receive more cuddles.”

Be Intentional joined forces with Sauver Des Chiens German Shepherd Dog Rescue to secure a loving foster family for Athena, aiding in her journey to adjust to a new life. Gradually, Athena learns to trust humans and other animals in her care.

“She is being pampered like never before,” noted Karen Blanchard of Sauver Des Chiens. “She has an orthopedic bed, an open cage, and lots of bowls to carry.”

In the near future, Athena will be ready to embark on a new chapter as she searches for her forever home. “She will continue to heal and transition to a life with love and a family,” Kasko affirmed. “Her life will be changed forever.”