There’s a Python Liʋing in My Rain Gutter

Recently, a video has surfaced online showing a python attempting to climb up the side of a house in Australia. The footage is quite alarming and may discourage some from visiting the otherwise beautiful Gold Coast.

The footage was captured by a man named Robbie Knill who noticed the three-meter-long snake slithering around in his garden. He observed as the snake made its way across his patio and started scaling the wall right above the door he had just exited.

Robbie expressed surprise and stated that he had no idea pythons could climb up houses like that. He also mentioned that if he had been five minutes later, it would have scared him to death. He added that he was glad that he was the one hanging out the washing and not his wife.

According to Robbie, the snake has been residing in the shed behind his house for about six months and occasionally comes out to greet them. He also stated that the snake has recently woken up due to the warmer weather and is now on the lookout for food. Robbie had been feeding a butcher bird with a broken wing, but unfortunately, the bird has gone missing, and it’s likely that the python ate it.

Although Robbie initially found the python creepy, he has now become accustomed to its presence and learned to coexist with it. He said that the python hangs out in the shed and sometimes visits him when he’s working. He has also developed some tricks to get the python to move when it’s in his way.

Living amongst venomous creatures like snakes may be a part of life in Australia, and people like Robbie seem to have accepted it.

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