There is an Agta tribe where gigantic snakes have attacked one-quarter of the male population

The reticulated python is known to be the longest snake in the world. Female pythons can weigh up to 75 kilos and reach a height of over 7 meters. Meanwhile, the Agta tribe, known for their modest lifestyle, has had some harrowing experiences with giant snakes.

Despite the interest in the relationship between primates and snakes, little is known about the dangers of serpents to prehistoric lifestyles and nonhuman primates. However, ethnographic observations of 120 Philippine Agta Negritos revealed that 26% of adult males survived predation attempts by reticulated pythons when they were still preliterate hunter-gatherers. Sadly, there were six fatal attacks between 1934 and 1973.

Interestingly, Agta tribespeople also eat pythons, which are known to prey on deer, wild pigs, and monkeys – all of which are also eaten by the Agta. As such, the two species are reciprocal predators, prey, and potential competitors.

Natural history data also documents snake predation on tree shrews and 26 species of nonhuman primates. In some cases, primates approach, mob, kill, and even eat snakes.

Watch the video below for more information on this fascinating topic.

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