The Vibrant Collared Kingfisher: A Jewel of the Avian Kingdom

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The Collared Kingfisher is a medium-sized kingfisher belonging to the subfamily Halcyoninae, the tree kingfishers. It is also known as the white-collared kingfisher, black-masked kingfisher or mangrove kingfisher. It has a wide range extending from the Red Sea across southern Asia to Polynesia.

The Collared Kingfisher is a brightly colored bird with a turquoise head and wings with a broad, white collar bordered by a narrow, black line. It has white chest feathers, black feet and bill. Males tend to have a slightly more blue tinge, while females tend to have a slightly more green tinge.

The Collared Kingfisher is found in a variety of habitats, including mangroves, forests, and even urban areas. It is a solitary bird that hunts for fish, frogs, and insects. It typically perches on a branch or stump and then dives into the water to catch its prey.

The Collared Kingfisher is a common and widespread bird, and it is not considered to be threatened. However, it is vulnerable to habitat loss and degradation.

Here are some interesting facts about the Collared Kingfisher:

  • The Collared Kingfisher is a vocal bird, and its call is a loud, shrill whistle.
  • The Collared Kingfisher is a monogamous bird, and pairs typically stay together for life.
  • The female Collared Kingfisher lays 3-5 eggs, which hatch after about 18 days.
  • The young Collared Kingfishers fledge after about 21 days.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the Collared Kingfisher!

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