The Smallest Pit Bull Puppy Warms Hearts as He Cuddles Up to His Daddy

The young puppy Annabelle instantly grasped what she liked for her new master. When she was lifted into his arms for the first time, the sweetness knew no bounds.

At just three weeks old, Annabelle decided she was daddy’s girl. Her technique of demonstrating her love has been viewed by millions and hits straight to the heart.

“It’s like a bond that you can’t really define,” Annabelle’s father told GeoAnimals.

Annabelle’s biological mother was surrendered at a local shelter a week before she was supposed to give birth to her puppies.

So instead of giving birth at the dog shelter, animal enthusiasts chose to intervene and take care of the pregnant bitch at the home.

Gave birth to 12 healthy puppies
The bitch gave birth to 12 healthy puppies. One of them was named Annabelle.

The family had no intention of keeping any of the puppies but fell head over heels for little Annabelle. So too for her brother Norman.

“She is the most gorgeous girl, with blue eyes,” stated her teacher.

“He growled at Annabelle, and she just loved him and wanted to kiss his face. When she wants love and attention, it’s dad. They are like two peas in a pod,” observed mum.

Good bond with his brother
Yet Annabelle also has an extraordinarily strong bond with her brother Norman.

They were drawn to each other already at birth and Annabelle was able to climb over her ten siblings to be near to Norman.

And when they are apart, they develop separation anxiety. Once while Annabelle was going to the vet, Norman was sitting at the window gazing after her. He didn’t move from the area till Annabelle was back home.

Still daddy’s girl
Today, Annabella has grown up and become a big girl. Yet even though she is substantially bigger than she was the first time she was cuddled by her master, she is still daddy’s girl.

Watch more of the first hug and their wonderful bond in the video below

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