The Sheedian Incident: Uncovering an Ancient UFO Crash Site and a Mystical Portal in Sheedia, Afghanistan, on This Day in 1942

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A video circulating on social media supposedly showing an unidentified flying object (UFO) over Afghanistan has been debunked as a CGI creation by artists, contrary to claims on Facebook.

The video depicts a triangular-shaped object spinning through a valley, with soldiers seemingly filming the scene. It was accompanied by the caption, “Afghanistan is full of UFO.” However, a reverse image search revealed that the video was originally posted seven years ago. Further investigation led to a subreddit dedicated to discussions related to UFOs, where one user mentioned that the clip was initially shared by a YouTube channel named “Section 51.” This channel is managed by CGI artists and is known for regularly posting videos of supposed UFO sightings.

The YouTube video link shared in the original post has since been deleted, but an archived version is accessible. The logo visible in the bottom right corner of the clip matches the logo on Section 51’s website. The channel describes itself as a platform for French visual effects artists to share their perspective on sciences, space, UFOs, ancient aliens theories, and more. While some of their videos explicitly state that they were created using CGI, this disclaimer is not always present. The channel’s website clarifies that their content is primarily for entertainment purposes.

In conclusion, the video purportedly showing a UFO over Afghanistan is not authentic and was created using computer-generated imagery by artists from the Section 51 YouTube channel.

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