The Pentagon Reportedly Allowed the Release of a Video in Which a U.S. Army Soldier Talks About Various Alien Races!

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The U.S. Department of Defense, the Pentagon, has reportedly allowed the release of a video showing a U.S. Army soldier arguing with other soldiers about various extraterrestrial races. In it, several service members can be heard asking for information about ETs related to Reptilians. The soldier explains the flying saucers on the blackboard and some types of gray and gray reptiles.

According to UFO experts from around the world, there are more than 82 well-known species of alien races that are currently in contact with or interacting on planet Earth. The evidence that supports these assumptions is, for example, declassified CIA documents, images and videos of civilian and military witnesses that seem to indicate that there are some things “out there” that cannot be rationally explained.

According to Paul Hellyer, former Prime Minister of Canada, there are more than 82 known alien species that visited Earth in the distant past and continue to do so today. These races are very interested in the Earth and the activities of the human being in relation to it. In addition, it is claimed that a great deal of information about the various alien civilizations is contained in highly classified and top-secret documents used as training manuals or guides for military and intelligence personnel. One of the most well-known races is the Nordic (similar to Humans), the Tall and the White, then the Grey and Reptilian Grey.

Many wonder why this video was leaked. Is it perhaps a small debate about UFOs and aliens among other soldiers? It’s all very strange! However, when the military starts working in these structures, they must sign documents related to Top Secret and the Nullah of secrecy. Nothing needs to be disclosed, but apparently this soldier who filmed it with his cell phone was allowed to publish it. Awareness is key. Review this video!

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