The Great Love Of This Man Gave Lucho A New Chance At Life

As a result of his inability to move, Lucho was treated at the Christian Haymann Veterinary Clinic in Quito, Ecuador, in 2012. His previous owners believed that sacrifice was the only option, but Christian saw in the young boy a look full of motivation and hope that completely dissuaded him from considering that possibility. He deserved a fresh start.

The appropriate X-ray exams were performed when he arrived at the clinic, and it was discovered that the rupture of his spine was not the result of a straightforward accident. Rather, it appears that Lucho was horribly mistreated by his previous human, which is precisely why his behavior did not turn out to be entirely friendly with people.

Christian disclosed to Pet Notes:

He was assaulted by his former owner. He was receiving care at the veterinary clinic I ran in Ecuador, but the owner put him to sleep. We made the decision to forgo doing it and try it again with a wheelchair made of plastic.

With all his love, this man decided to take full responsibility for the dog, and their lives took a sudden turn after that.

Lucho had severe skin damage as a result of not being able to use his rear legs to move, but owing to the attention and treatment he got, his tissues recovered in about a month.

Christian Heymann’s affection for Lucho increased as the days passed, and the dog’s demeanor radically improved. The two of them eventually became inseparable and have had innumerable experiences together, including hikes, contests, parades, and presentations.

Nothing stops Lucho from beaming with joy; he plays, runs, and leaps with the same zeal as any other dog, but he is not just any dog; he is a shining example of how to live.

His strong optimistic spirit has infected all who have gotten to know him.

He serves as an example for many people, who look to him for guidance on how to care for animals under difficult circumstances. In some nations, he is very well-liked, and his supporters never stop showing him their love.

Lucho is always the center of attention wherever he goes, and his human frequently gives his fur peculiar styles full of color that make him look even more endearing, so it is impossible to avoid looking at him when he is walking through the streets.

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