The grateful pooch expresses his gratitude with kisses to the heroic firefighter who rescued him from the rooftop

Maine Officials Alerted to Dog Stranded on Roof; Rescuer Rewarded with Grateful Canine Kisses

A heartwarming incident unfolded in Maine as Captain Jeff Nawfel of the Wells Fire Department came to the rescue of a stranded dog. The canine, named Jasper, had managed to venture onto the roof but found itself trapped with no way back inside.

Shared on Facebook by Erin Fenderson, a friend of Jasper’s owner, the story quickly went viral. It turns out that Jasper has a penchant for escaping and exploring the great outdoors. This was not the first time he had found himself in such a situation, and it seems the open window provided an irresistible invitation. Nonetheless, Erin expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the kind-hearted person who came to Jasper’s rescue.

The Wells Fire Department’s viral photo captured the heartwarming moment when Captain Jeff Nawfel received a grateful canine kiss from Jasper, serving as a beautiful reminder of the bond between humans and their furry companions.

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