The dramatic moment man scattering grandmother’s ashes jumped off pier to rescue drowning dog

Raden Soemawinata had a tough day.He traveled to Brighton Pier in Melbourne, Australia, to scatter his grandmother’s ashes in the bay. It was an event that many of us could relate to and a sad time in his life.

However, his actions at the pier really highlight his personality. Did you know that he jumped into the sea despite the danger in order to save a dog that almost drowned?

Bibi the dog fell into the sea while traveling by boat with its owner, Sue Drummond. Drummond panicked, afraid that his beloved puppy would drown.

Luckily, Soemawinata quickly took off her shirt and underwear and jumped into the water to rescue the captured puppy, while Drummond and other passers-by watched.

Bibi struggles in the water, but luckily Soemawinata catches him and takes him back to the dock. Drummond hugged him tightly, and he was glad that her little friend had returned safely.

It was fate, and both Bibi and Drummond were thankful for his quick thinking.

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