The dog was spotted rummaging in the trash – she actually found a small puppy there!

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The dog found a puppy in the trash and became a mom for him!

A police officer in Novo Horizonte, Brazil, was leaving home to perform an errand earlier this week when he noticed something rather common: a neighbor’s dog going through a mound of rubbish bags piled on the street for collection.

However, it was discovered that the pup was not motivated by an empty stomach, but rather by a full heart.

When the officer came home a few minutes later, he noticed the same dog. This time, though, she had something in her mouth.

As the officer came closer for a better look, he initially assumed the dog had discovered a dead kitten, according to Diario da Regiao. But the truth turned out to be extremely uplifting.

The dog had really rescued a puppy who was still alive despite reeking of the trash where he’d presumably been placed to die.

The puppy’s canine savior had definitely good intentions.

She began whining after the puppy was removed, so she was permitted to keep an eye on him while the police phoned a local animal rescuer, Marco Antonio Rodrigues, for assistance.

“She played the most crucial part in saving the puppy,” Rodrigues wrote about the brave dog online.

But shortly, another kind-hearted pooch would be required to assist.

Rodrigues asked on Facebook if anyone had a dog that was already breastfeeding because the dog who found the youngster wasn’t producing milk.

And it was at this point that the abandoned dog met her new foster parent.

While the person responsible for brutally leaving the dog may never be brought to justice, there is little doubt about whose devotion spared his life.

“One dog discovered the puppy in the trash, and another is taking care of him,” Rodrigues added. “What a lovely item!”

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