The Biggest Hamster in the World

Now imagine a hamster. Yes, you are exactly like me, a cute little mouse.

But perhaps you and I are allowing about Roborovski Hamster. One of the most popular tamed hamster types moment.

What is the biggest hamster in the world?

According to Guinness World Records, the largest hamster in the world recorded on November 16, 2015 can reach a size of 40 cm and belongs to the European( common) hamster Cricetus cricetus strain.

Biggest Hamster In The World
Biggest Hamster In The World

The size of specific hamster breeds

The lowest hamster strain is the Roborovski, which is only, 8 – 2 elevations in size and weighs, 18 – 28 grams.

Next are two popular hamster types, the Campbell hamster and the Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster, which measure 2 – 4 elevations in size and weigh 50 – 90 grams.

The largest hamster to keep as a pet is the Syrian hamster, which is 5 – 7 elevation long and weighs 145 – 170 grams.

In the wild, the European hamster is the largest hamster species and presently holds the world record. They total 8 – 14 elevations long and weigh 220 – 460 grams.

Hamster BreedLength (in)Length (cm)Weight (oz)Weight (g)
Roborovski Hamster1,7-2 in4,4-5 cm0,6-0,9 oz18-28 g
Dwarf Campbell’s Russian Hamster2-4 in5-10 cm1,4-2 oz40-60 g
Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster2,7-3,5 in6,8-9 cm2,5-3,2 oz70-90 g
Chinese Striped Hamster2,8-4,6 in7-12 cm0,7-1,2 oz20-35 g
Sokolov’s Hamster3-4,5 in7,7-11,4 cm0,8-1,2 oz22-35 g
Chinese (Rat) Hamster3,2-5 in5-13 cm1-1,6 oz30-45 g
Armenian (Grey Dwarf) Hamster3,3-4,7 in8,4-12 cm1-2 oz30-60 g
Lesser Long-Tailed Hamster3,4-5,3 in8,6-13,5 cm1,2-1,7 oz35-50 g
Tibetan Hamster3,5-4,4 in9-11 cm1,2-1,6 oz35-45 g
Ladak Hamster3,5-5 in9-13 cm1,2-1,6 oz35-45 g
Greater Long-Tailed Hamster4-6 in10-15 cm1,4-2 oz40-55 g
Eversmann’s (Kazahk) Hamster5-6 in13-15 cm2,3-2,6 oz65-75 g
Mongolian Hamster5-6 in13-15 cm2,3-2,6 oz65-75 g
Gansu Hamster5-6 in13-15 cm2,3-2,6 oz65-75 g
Syrian Hamster5-7 in13-18 cm5-6 oz145-170 g
Turkish (Brandt’s) Hamster5-7 in13-18 cm5-6 oz145-170 g
Romanian Hamster6-7 in15-18 cm2.8-4 oz80-115 g
Ciscaucasian Hamster9-11 in23-28 cm2-3.7 oz60-105 g
European Hamster8-14 in20-35 cm7.8-16 oz220-460 g
Hamster Breed Size Chart – Height and Weight

The 5 Most Popular Hamster Species Kept as Pets

These 05 hamster types have all the rudiments I suppose are suitable as faves.

In fact, these are also the 5 most popular hamster species to keep as pets.

1. Roborovski Hamster

Roborovski Hamster is the lowest of the 05 kinds I’ve featured then.

They have a flaxen brown fleece, white feathers on the belly, and patches of white fur around the eyes.

Roborovskis are veritably active and love to be active, so be sure to give them a plenitude of toys.

Roborovski likes to be alone, but can fluently get along with a group of people if introduced well

2. Campbell’s Dwarf Russian

Campbell’s Dwarf Russian is a great option, If you want a hamster community.

With an average lifetime of 2 times, they’re nimble and active.

They’re generally nightly and like to suck. So if you’re planning on raising Campbell’s Dwarf, be apprehensive of this

3. Syrian (Golden) Hamster

This is the stylish hamster you should enjoy.

They’re slow, friendly, easy to constrain, and less aggressive. Syrian Hamsters are 5 to 9 elevations long and have a lifetime of 2 to 4 times.

Still, they’re veritably territorial, so it’s stylish for you to leave them alone. Syrian Hamsters are nightly and infrequently active during the day.

Early morning or early evening is the stylish time to have stylish contact with them.

4. Dwarf Winter White Russian

This is a special strain of hamsters whose fur turns white in downtime.

Dwarf Winter White Russian is veritably amenable and sucks lower than numerous other hamster species.

They’re nimble and energetic and can be delicate for children to handle. They can be kept in dyads or same- coitus groups. still, they’re also veritably territorial.

It’s stylish to give them their own home, which makes them happiest.

5. Chinese Hamster

Chinese Hamsters are veritably friendly and nimble.

They’re particularly accessible, but care must be taken to avoid injuring them. Because they’re likely to jump out of your hands at any time.

Chinese Hamsters also have a long lifetime, comprising 03 to five. I’ve been keeping this hamster strain. They’re veritably cute and I love being in contact with them


Hamsters are the largest of all hamsters kept as faves, but it’s the hamster that keeps the record in the wild.

Still, also Syrian( Golden) Hamster, If you like friendly hamsters. And to grow the hamster community, Campbell’s Dwarf Russian is your choice.

Hope the composition is helpful to you. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any questions!

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