Stray Pit Bull Sees Man Attacking Woman With Knife And Leaps In To Save Her

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A stray Pit Bull is being hailed as a hero after coming to the aid of a lady who was being assaulted with a knife by a guy. The dog was prowling the streets of Baldwin, Georgia, when he got in the way of an argument between a man and a woman and was stabbed five times as a consequence. Officer Daniel Seeley and Sgt. Timothy Clay arrived on the scene and saw the dog bleeding on the pavement.

“While on duty, my husband and another officer responded to a domestic incident,” Sgt. Clay’s wife reveals on YouCaring. “When they came, the woman who phoned said she was arguing with a man and this dog attacked him in an attempt to rescue her.” The guy then repeatedly stabbed the dog.”

The cops understood they needed the courageous canine’s assistance and took him to an animal hospital. Officer Clay told ABC7, “I don’t think we could have left that dog suffer and die.” “After all the dog had been through, we felt we ought to provide it some help.”

The dog, now called “Hero,” was dying of blood loss when the police intervened, but the doctors were able to save him owing to their quick action. Carla Welch of Fighting For The Bullys stepped up to assist the police after hearing Hero’s tale.

She and many other animal rescues banded together to assist Hero and gather cash for his medical treatment (he also was diagnosed with heart worm). Carla arrived to pick up the dog and take him back to her home in Tennessee because the cops couldn’t detain him.

“I felt he was really strong and gutsy.” “He was a complete stranger to these individuals,” Carla Welch explained.

She describes the 7-year-old Pit Bull as relaxed back and kind. She has had a deluge of enquiries since placing him up for adoption. “OMG!” she says on Facebook. Our Hero Inbox is overflowing with enquiries and applications. “I am currently overcome with emotion!”

Hero’s courageous conduct has undoubtedly won him a brighter future! Let us hope Hero gets the everlasting home he deserves!

Hero has been welcomed home after being available for adoption for several months by Sara and David Simpson, who brought the courageous dog into their house in Tennessee, where he gets along well with their two other dogs.

“We are so lucky to be taking this kid and making him a part of our family.” “Adjustments are going nicely,” Sara Simpson said on Facebook.

Despite the fact that Hero looks to have spent the most of his life on the streets, Sara told WATE News that she is excited to give Hero a home. “I’m extremely pleased to give someone who’s never had a home a home,” she added. “I say someone because dogs are more than just dogs to me.” “They’re real people.” They’re like family to you.”

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