Stray Dog Saves Injured Cyclist Stranded In The Mountains

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“The dog didn’t leave his side and remained there until the ambulance arrived. He kept the injured cyclist warm all night”

This sweet stray dog didn’t have a friend to call his own until recently, his daily struggle as a homeless pup unseen by the world.

But he’s now being hailed as a hero — and for good reason.

After falling off his bike while cycling through the mountains of western Romania on Monday, a man broke his collarbone. Due to his injury, the man was unable to continue on the trail as night fell, putting him at risk of exposure in the chilly alpine air.

Fortunately, he found an unlikely companion to keep him safe.

When first responders from the county of Caras Severin arrived to assist the cyclist, they discovered that someone had already done so.

“When the cyclist fell and lay down on the road, a dog came out of the woods and laid beside him to warm him with its body.” “According to officials, as translated by Romania-Insider. “When we arrived, the dog refused to leave his side and stayed until the ambulance arrived.”

It’s unclear whether the dog had lived in the mountains since birth or if he was recently abandoned there. However, his compassion for a stranger in need speaks volumes about his heart.

As officials put it, “Man’s best friend teaches a lesson in ‘humanity.’”

The injured cyclist was eventually transported to safety, but he wasn’t the only one who escaped a terrifying situation.

First responders sheltered the brave pup, now known as Savior Dog, and publicized his good deed online. And within a few days, a family stepped in to adopt him and shower him with love for the rest of his life.

A hero, after all, deserves nothing less.

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