Soldier Returns Home & Surprises His Dog After 8-Month Deployment

When family members in the military go away on deployments for months at a time, it’s stressful on both the soldier and their family.

But people neglect that it could also take a toll on their pets, who aren’t able to comprehend where their human has gone.

U.S. Army E4 Specialist Troy Glendenning has been away in the Middle East for the last eight months, which means he’s been apart from his cherished canine, Posie.

Posie has missed her human since the moment he departed, and has been impatiently waiting for him to return.

Posie had no notion her human was coming home, but when she ventures outside, she has a feeling that something is up. She sprints around outside in circles, barking, until she notices him.

Troy was apprehensive of how Posie would react, but her reaction was sweeter than Troy could have ever envisioned.

Once Posie caught a view of him, she couldn’t contain her enthusiasm. She rushed toward him and leapt up in his arms, wagging her tail a mile a minute and giving him kisses all over his face.

Troy and Posie bonded during COVID quarantine, and from the looks of their tender reunion, it’s evident just how close they’ve become.

Both of them are beyond delighted to be together again, and they will certainly be spending every minute together, making up for lost time.

Watch their heartwarming reunion in the video below:

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