Shelter Searches For Family That ᴀʙᴀɴᴅoɴᴇᴅ Dog With A Heartbreaking Note

Having to rehome a pet can be devastating, not only for the animal but for the family involved as well. Sometimes, rehoming a pet is truly in the best interest of the animal, but it’s not always an accessible option for people without resources.

Shelters are often full or charge fees for surrenders, and as a result, people end up dumping pets in random places instead of taking them to a rescue.

The Toronto Humane Society took to Instagram to share about a recent situation where that happened with a dog named Max.

They wrote in the post, “On Monday, April 3rd, 2023, Max was left in the Primrose Avenue Parkette area (near Davenport Road and St. Clair Avenue).”

While that’s tragic enough, things were even more heartbreaking due to a note that was left with Max. The note described the dog as almost 4 years old, “very smart,” “good with kids,” and said, “he’s a good boy.” The note explained that his family couldn’t care for him any longer due to losing work and their apartment.

Financial hardship shouldn’t be the reason anyone has to say goodbye to their pets, but it’s a reality that many people face and it’s something the Toronto Humane Society recognizes.

Because of that, they offer a program for pet parents in tough situations so their pets can be in temporary foster homes and eventually be reuntied with their owners. The rescue took to social media in hopes of making that happen for Max.

They said, “Help us reunite Max and his family by reaching out to Toronto Humane Society…We hope that everyone can be respectful of the pet parents decision. What they did was what they knew to be the best option for Max. We have the opportunity to share an even better option! With no judgment and only love, let’s find Max’s family and have them reunite once more.”

Sweetly, the Toronto Humane Society was able to connect with Max’s family and talked over their options in a non-judgmental way.

After looking at all the options, the family decided that Max would have a better life with a different family and they made the hard decision to officially surrender him to the shelter.

The shelter took the opportunity to share that they’ll always work with pet parents to find the best possible outcome in a judgment-free way. They were also pleased to say that Max had already received a lot of inquiries and they’re confident he won’t struggle to find the perfect forever family.

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