She Was Weighed Down By Chains And Crying For Help Finally, Someone Came Along To Rescue Her

Admittedly, the first part of this video is hard to watch, but the ending is completely worth the initial heartache. A tiny puppy, only weeks old is seen in a dirt lot, surrounded by trash and debris. She has no shelter and certainly no comfortable bed in which to snuggle. The scorching sun is scorching, and the little black and white pup can’t get away from it. We can only assume that it is similar as the nights become chilly, dark, and lonely.

Inexplicably, she is tied down to huge, heavy cinder blocks with a chain that weighs more than she does. She can barely hold her head up and is in excruciating pain due to mange and internal parasites. Only a monster could subject any animal, let alone a puppy, to such deplorable living conditions.

But, this puppy, now named Andie, got a very happy ending thanks to a rescue by PETA. Andie has her own loving, “forever” family now.

She is a well-liked pet who lives indoors. She sleeps in her very own bed, surrounded by her many new toys. During the day, she interacts with her humans and kitty siblings, relishing the life she now leads, free of pain and loneliness.

As an animal lover, it’s hard to imagine what kind of person could do this to a puppy. Yet, there are people out there that commit these kinds of crimes all of the time. To reduce unwanted litter, the rest of us must encourage adoption and spaying/neutering.

Animal welfare education and awareness are also important. Finally, consider donating to an animal rescue or organization of your choice to assist dogs like Andie in finding their own happy story.

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