Scientists found mummy aliens in Egyptian Pyramids. Is there any theory that aliens built the pyramids?

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The artifact itself appears to be a well-preserved humanoid being, being called an alien by some. The being was carefully wrapped and buried with various strange artifacts before being encased in a crystalline box inside the pyramid. It is revealed that on the tomb of the being was inscribed the information that he was an advisor to Pharaoh and a being of great importance named Osirunet (meaning star or envoy from heaven).

The story of the creature was published by an Arab political magazine called Rose al-Yusef in 2000 and has been the subject of great interest for many years since.

Unfortunately, when searching for Lubek and Braga, it appears that there is no record of either man in Spanish newspapers or in the records of the University of Pennsylvania. There were those who believed that the image was photoshot.

However, there is a much more mundane reason for the appearance of these little mummies (2 of them have been found in all). According to the custom of the time, the little mummies were not exactly extraterrestrials, but rather stillborn babies or children who died at a young age, as described by Dr. Zahi Hawase, the famous curator of the many collections of Egyptian antiquities.

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