Rescuers Find Terrified Mama Dog Clinging To A Ledge

When people spotted a starving dog on a mountain in Spain, they called rescuers with Tenerife Horse Rescue to investigate.

Rescuers ended up finding not one, but four dogs! The mama dog ran off, terrified, and left her three puppies behind

Thankfully, that allowed the rescuers to scoop up the little pups and get them to safety. However, they then had to start the hunt for the mama dog and make sure she was ok.

After some searching, rescuers found the dog clinging to a tiny ledge in an “extreme panic.” She was incredibly skinny and it was clear that she’d given everything she had to her puppies.

She was so afraid that rescuers weren’t sure if she’d ever had contact with humans before.

They were able to capture her with a towel and get her back to their rescue to begin the process of gaining her trust. It wouldn’t be easy, but they were dedicated to giving her the best life possible.

Rescuers named the mama dog Foxi and quickly realized she was very motivated by food. With a lot of time, food, and patience, Foxi slowly learned to trust people and come out of her shell.

Because she’d been through so much and rescuers had put so much effort into building up her confidence, they decided to keep her as the rescue’s dog. She’ll be comfortable, loved, and cared for at the rescue!

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