Rescuers Attach GoPro To Dog’s Wheelchair Before His Daily Run

Sometimes, we wonder what it’d be like to see things through the eyes of our dogs. While we’ll never fully get to understand their world, a GoPro video is giving us a little glimpse into the life of a rescue dog in Thailand.

The dog was rescued by the nonprofit, The Man That Rescues the Dogs in Thailand.

That rescue takes in a lot of dogs with disabilities and offers them a place to call home. Because of that, they work with a lot of dogs who need wheelchairs.

To get a better idea of what a daily run feels like from a dog’s perspective, rescuers attached a GoPro to one of their disabled pup’s wheelchairs.

In the clip, you can see the enthusiastic dog getting ready for his run and he’s so eager, he’s nearly jumping for joy! The dog’s not letting his condition stop him from living his best life and giving the run his all.

In fact, he ends up surpᴀssing almost every other dog in the pack! It’s quite impressive.

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