Rabbit Lice Symptoms and Treatment

Are Rabbit Lice Dangerous to Rabbits? What are the symptoms of rabbit lice? How to effectively treat and prevent rabbit lice?

How do I know if my rabbit has lice?

Clinical signs of a lice infestation may include itching (intense scratching), bald patches, or thinning hair.

Rabbits with high penetrance may appear very agitated, restless, and may lose weight and eat less because they spend too much time scratching.

Anemia may also be present, especially in very young rabbits, as the lice feed on the rabbit’s blood. This is especially noticeable in albino rabbits who look very pale. Severe anemia can lead to weakness and even death.

Head lice are parasites that can make life miserable for your pet. If your pet rabbit is itching and scratching, it may have a common parasite called lice/tick/tick.

Head lice can infect humans and animals, and they are highly contagious (though not between species). Fortunately, pet lice can be safely treated and eliminated if you know what to do.

Don’t delay your rabbit’s treatment. Even if your rabbit has lice, ticks, or fleas (other biting parasites), you need to treat them right away.


Rabbit lice treatment

1. Go to the vet for medicine

If you suspect that your pet rabbit has lice because it seems to be more itchy than usual, seek immediate medical attention from your outside veterinarian. Your veterinarian can diagnose whether your pet has head lice and provide appropriate treatment.

Often, veterinarians will prescribe drugs such as ivermectin or selamectin (referring to drugs not used for this purpose but commonly used by veterinarians).

Don’t try to treat rabbit lice with over-the-counter medications from a pharmacy or pet store. Human lice treatments are too strong for small pets and could kill your rabbit.
Pet store treatments can be dangerous, cause seizures, or be ineffective and waste money. Always stay safe and talk to your veterinarian.

2. Thoroughly clean the cage

After your rabbit has been properly treated by your veterinarian, clean and thoroughly wash the cage, dishes, and any toys in the cage with water and some mild detergent before putting your pet back into the cage.

Be sure to rinse off all soap before putting in new bedding. Throw away previously contaminated bedding and food, and freeze any leftover materials to kill insects that may be hiding.
If the outside temperature is below freezing, you can also freeze the cage and furniture (without the rabbit, of course) outside, and then replace the food, water, and litter the next day. Make sure to freeze everything for at least 24 hours.

3. Are rabbit lice dangerous to humans?

Head lice are specific parasites. That means humans get lice, mice get lice, hamsters get hamster lice, and rabbits get lice. So don’t worry about you or your kids getting lice from your pet rabbit.
If a rabbit tick jumps on you, it won’t bite you and won’t survive. You can’t get lice from your pet rabbit, and you can’t give it to him.

Rabbit lice treatment

4. Ticks and lice

Simply put, ticks are arachnids, like spiders and ticks, and lice are insects, like ants. There are also two types of lice, sucking lice and biting or chewing lice. Head lice are more of a concern than lice because they can cause blood-borne diseases and anemia (excessive blood loss). Ticks, lice, and fleas are all parasites that can cause severe itching and require immediate treatment.

5. At-risk pets

Rats, mice, hamsters and gerbils are the pets most prone to lice. Oddly, despite their popularity and over-breeding, hamsters are less likely to infect lice, but hamsters do. Rabbits can sometimes become infected, especially if they spend time with other rabbits, such as at a bunny show or show.


Pay attention to your pet rabbit’s expression. If they have these symptoms, they most likely have head lice. You can take your rabbit to the vet for medication. Then, remember to clean the cage thoroughly.

Don’t forget to clean your house.

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