Puppy waited for 3 weeks outside a store for someone to notice him: “It broke my heart”

A little dog named Robbie sat outside the door of a bustling Dollar General in Houston, Texas, for three weeks. The small brown dog hid beneath a plastic chair and watched customers come and go, hoping that someone would notice him.

Fortunately, Kristin Erwin knew she had to assist as soon as she saw Robbie.

Erwin told The Dodo, “I thought he was the prettiest thing, with chubby tiny legs.” “It crushed my heart to learn he’d been here for three weeks.”

As she drove by, Erwin, who frequently helps with dog rescues, noticed Robbie roaming around a nearby parking lot. Erwin walked inside the Dollar General, curious as to why the adorable dog was alone, and asked the cashier if she knew anything about Robbie’s situation. The clerk insisted that Robbie would be found, but Erwin was suspicious. Erwin gave the cashier her phone information and asked to be contacted if Robbie’s carer did not appear. Soon later, Erwin received a text message confirming her suspicions: they hadn’t arrived, and Robbie needed assistance.

“It was already becoming dark, so I dashed over to the Dollar General,” Erwin explained.

Erwin and the friendly clerk ultimately coaxed Robbie into Erwin’s car, and he was soon warm and secure in her house.

Erwin made certain that Robbie had enough room and time to adjust to his new circumstances. Erwin felt Robbie was afraid at first since he wasn’t very active. But as she got to know Robbie better, Erwin discovered he was just a laid-back man.

Erwin described him as “totally comfortable, eating and napping.”

Robbie has since been relocated to a loving foster home, where he will remain until he is ready to meet his permanent family, thanks to Lola’s Lucky Day.

Robbie, who was once unclear how his journey would finish, can now relax knowing that he’ll soon have a permanent, loving home to call his own.

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