Puppy Left For ᴅᴇᴀᴅ After Getting Hit By A Car While Playing In The Street

Life can be difficult when you’re a dog living on the street. You might have a problem finding your next meal, and you have to be cautious about the dangers that surround you.

Unfortunately, one little puppy learned this all too well when he got hit by a vehicle and it ran over his legs.

This would’ve been a life-ending event, but Animal Aid Unlimited was there to help with his injuries.

As the rescue shared on YouTube, when the rescuers first arrived, the puppy was lying on the ground. They said that they did their best to save him and that his agonizing cries were breaking their hearts.

The little dog, who they named Joey, was a challenge on a number of different levels. They knew that one of the legs was so damaged it would have to be amputated but they admitted that after it happened, the dog “literally leapt into his new life.”

They were hoping that Joey would heal into a tripod dog, but he had an injury to his front leg that also caused it to need an amputation. Joey still did what he did best.

Joey now uses his front leg like a walking stick and hops on his back leg. On the street, he never would’ve survived but thanks to the kind folks at Animal Aid Unlimited, he now has a forever home and plenty of people to love him.

You can watch Joey’s rescue video here, but trigger warning: It’s graphic.

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