Proof that alien life exists: first photo of a living extraterrestrial organism

The creature was discovered capturing pieces of space debris with powerful magnets. This particle is a “living entity”,  according to the researchers  .

Professor Milton Wainwright, from the University of Buckingham, says the image proves that life exists beyond Earth.

The ‘organism’ is said to be a complete living entity. Image credit: University of Buckingham

Wainwright explained that the photograph shows a salt crystal, through which the bizarre horned creature bursts. He added that there is correspondence with the panspermia hypothesis, and said that life is not just in space, but constantly ends up on Earth.

“The image illustrates what we believe to be alien microbes high in the stratosphere,” said Professor Wainwright.

“Our team has caused quite a stir over the past two years by claiming that these microbes are continually arriving on Earth from space. Our critics have vehemently rejected our work, but, to date, no one has provided a viable alternative explanation for our peer-reviewed work.”

He said it is a formless organism that has stuck to a grain of salt. Contains rare elements such as dysprosium, lutetium, neodymium and niobium.

The particles found would have too much mass to be transported from the Earth’s surface to the stratosphere and must have come from space, according to Wainwright.

He is supported by colleague Chandra Wickramasinghe, who has long said that we are not alone in the universe. Wickramasinghe and astrobiologist Gensuke Tokoro published a study in which they concluded the existence of extraterrestrial microbes.

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