Old Beggar Passed Away, But This Stray Dog Still Goes Find Food For His Close Friend

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Dogs are incredibly loyal and affectionate animals, and the link that exists between a dog and its owner is one of a kind. That’s why there are so many poignant stories on social media about dogs who are devoted to their people, leaving viewers both moved and pitied.

As a result, the story of a stray dog recently shared on Sohu (China) page has recently brought many people to tears. A stray dog going around hunting for food outside people’s houses is a common sight in a tiny town in Shandong, China.

Because this dog is quite nice and has a lovely appearance, people frequently feed him and he has become a known part of this community. Despite the fact that many people want to adopt the dog, no one has done so due to fears that the dog may contain an infectious disease that could infect humans. During the frigid winter of last year, people observed a wild dog come with the old beggar who lived beneath the bridge.

Despite the fact that the old beggar could not feed a stray dog for a single day, he shared a shelter from the rain and wind with him, two unhappy souls who relied on each other to keep warm and spent the hard winter together. The dog is reported to be the old beggar’s extremely unique buddy; the old guy is also observed and given additional money due of the appearance of the dog.

Things continued in this manner until one day, a local man noticed a stray dog acting abnormally. The dog continually digs and begs for food from people, but unlike dogs, he does not eat on the moment. He instead chose to direct the food to the location beneath the bridge where he and the old beggar “lived.”

Days later, the youngster saw the dog doing the same thing and decided to follow him to see what happened to the dog. Surprisingly, the scene in front of him stunned and saddened him as soon as he arrived. When the youngster approached, he found the dog laying close to the elderly beggar, surrounded by food that the dog had recently brought back to the old man. Unfortunately, the elderly gentleman had passed away and was unable to see this sight.

Finally, after establishing that the cause of death was a cold complication, the guy had to call the cops to handle the incident because the elderly beggar had no family, so the cops took over. The cops had prepared and dispatched someone to deal with the aftermath and transport the elderly man to be cremated.

The wild dog seemed to realize what had happened after witnessing the entire scenario. It walked silently from person to person, collecting the remains of a human life. There was no trace of the old beggar under the bridge soon after, but the dog remained with a mournful expression on his face.

Someone adopted the dog because his plight was so awful; nevertheless, a few days later, others observed the dog walking around under the bridge. He does not appear to have given hope yet, and he is always waiting for the old beggar to return.

Many people have been moved by the story of the dog and the old beggar in Shandong, and many have made remarks such as:

“Dogs have always been our devoted and unique companions.”

“This dog is incredibly devoted, but his buddy has passed away.”

“Hopefully, in the next life, the dog will be able to dwell quietly in the love of its owner.”

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