Officer encounters a box by the roadside, only to find a precious 10-week-old puppy nestled beside it

The cop planned to foster her until she found a home. But that didn’t work out. 😉

Deputy Earl Hanners found himself responding to a call on a scorching 87-degree day in Atlanta, Georgia. The report was about an abandoned puppy left in a box by the roadside.

A concerned passerby had stumbled upon the box and, upon opening it, discovered the helpless puppy inside. After providing some water and alerting 911, the stranger placed the puppy next to the box, awaiting assistance.

While Deputy Hanners was preoccupied with a car accident, another officer was dispatched to the scene first. However, as soon as he wrapped up, Earl rushed to aid the stranded puppy himself, finding it still beside the box upon his arrival.

Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Hanners instructed the officer to cancel the animal control call, opting to take the puppy, whom he named Bridget, to a veterinarian instead. Once home, he allowed Bridget to recuperate from the heat, ensuring she had food and water while arranging for a vet visit.

As he cared for Bridget, Earl realized he couldn’t part with her and made the heartwarming decision to welcome her into his home permanently.

Bridget joined Earl’s other rescues—a group of eight pugs he fosters for a local rescue organization called Hounds in Pounds. Before introducing Bridget to her new furry family, Earl ensured she received a thorough check-up and vaccinations.

Now, they’re one big, happy family, living harmoniously under one roof. Although the culprit behind Bridget’s abandonment remains at large, she has found solace in a loving forever home, all thanks to the compassion and generosity of Deputy Earl Hanners. 🙂