New York dog walker takes adorable group photos of his clients every day

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rofessional dog walking may be a joyful and gratifying career in and of itself. Nonetheless, a dog walking service in Saratoga Springs, upstate New York, discovered a method to make every day even more exciting for themselves and their canine clients: stunning group shots.

Tim Pink and his helper Erin Prevost walk around 50 dogs every week. There are no breed limitations, although walking groups are separated based on size. Saratoga Dog Walkers’ “Mid Day Pack Walk Program” includes these often photographed afternoon walks.

“The program works with the dogs’ natural impulses to travel as a pack, but unfortunately, most of our pups never have the opportunity to do so.” We’re building a huge family of well-behaved dogs in the neighborhood by strolling together on a regular basis!”

Pink initially meets a dog and develops a bond with them before gradually introducing them to the group. He looks at how the puppy reacts to other dogs and how much obedience training they’ve received. Pink recalls the names and characteristics of each dog.

The dogs’ walks last at least 30 minutes and usually about 45 minutes. Puppies are always returned home after being washed of rain and dirt. Normally, the walks go place rain or shine, but if the weather is bad, each pup gets an own pee break.

Saratoga Dog Walkers’ Instagram is full of photos of their year-round pack walks. They keep things interesting with their account by always finding new locations and reasons to take a break for a photograph. It’s difficult to imagine a dog image account being dull, but this one never is.

Some of the greatest photos have a single attention-seeking pooch in the foreground, almost as if they snapped a selfie with all of their pals.

Pink has been doing this since 2011, so there’s no shortage of pack photos to peruse.

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