New Analysis of a 60m Disc-Shaped Object Flying Over the Andes in 2010: Is It a Real UFO

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In 2010, a captivating photograph of a mysterious object in the sky over Chile sparked a public frenzy. The image, taken during a family outing in the Andes mountains, revealed a glowing orange UFO partly obscured by clouds.

The National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP) quickly initiated an investigation. Their report described the photo as showing sunlight piercing white clouds, with a band of red clouds to the left, enveloping a solid orange object with intriguing surface details. Scientists have since reopened the case for a documentary series, aiming to validate or debunk the unusual sighting.

The story began on February 14, 2010, when a couple and their one-year-old daughter went on a picnic to the El Yeso Reservoir. The mother took 16 photos of the beautiful valley and sky, discovering the orange object and red clouds upon returning home.

The Chilean government shared the photo with NARCAP, an aviation safety advisory group. Ted Roe, head of the organization, thoroughly analyzed the image and published a detailed report on July 2, 2010. The report mentioned that part of the unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) seemed obstructed by cirrus or cirrostratus clouds, making it challenging to determine the UAP’s actual size, though it could exceed 200 feet in length.

Roe examined the image using red, green, and blue color factors to analyze light distribution. The report found that red and green wavelengths provided more detail and definition to the UAP than blue, with the object’s upper edge visible in all three colors as if illuminated by a light source.

Further investigation into pixel distortion concluded that the photo showed no evidence of manipulation. Roe affirmed that the UAP was genuinely present when the photo was taken.

Thirteen years later, experts revisited the case. Astronomers and video effects designer Mark de Antonio suggested the object might be a lens flare effect caused by sunlight reflecting off ice crystals in the atmosphere.

De Antonio noted that the object’s position mirrored that of the sun in the frame, indicating a potential lens flare. However, meteorologist Juan Hernandez and physicist Matthew Szydagis both agreed the object was a genuine UFO.

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