Mother Dog Abandoned by Owner, both Legs Crushed by Train, but Still Tries to Care for 4 Small Pups

It’s an emotional experience to witness the plight of abandoned stray dogs, but not all mother dogs possess the same level of courage, resilience, and unwavering devotion as Si Bao.

Cast aside mercilessly by her owner, Si Bao’s life took a tragic turn when she was involved in a horrifying accident that left her hind legs crushed beneath the wheels of a train. In the face of such adversity, hope seemed elusive for Si Bao, until a miraculous event changed her world: the birth of four beautiful, healthy pups. These tiny beings became the driving force behind this resilient mother dog’s will to endure.

With the arrival of her precious offspring, Si Bao found a renewed sense of purpose and an unyielding determination to care for her beloved children. Despite the loss of her hind legs, Si Bao valiantly carried on, using her front legs to navigate the world and keep a vigilant watch over her little ones.

Fortune finally smiled upon Si Bao and her family when Animals Asia, a nonprofit organization founded by Jill Robinson, stepped in to rescue them. This heroic mother dog was given a new lease on life as an animal ambassador for the organization. Si Bao, now affectionately known as Lelly, bid farewell to her days of scavenging for scraps along the unforgiving train tracks and embraced the opportunity to start anew with her surviving pup, Muddie, by her side.

Additionally, Lelly is set to receive wheeled prosthetic legs that will grant her greater mobility and freedom. Sadly, three of Lelly’s four pups succumbed to a high fever before rescue, leaving only Muddie to share in her journey.

Today, Lelly leads a life of comfort and purpose as an ambassador for Animals Asia, embodying a spirit that refuses to be broken by adversity, despite her small stature.

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