Miracle Dog’s Journey: From Abandonment to Adoption

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Miracles are hard to come by these days, but there’s no better way to describe the abandoned dog who nearly died after being abandoned in a dumpster on Christmas day.

According to WSBTV, someone heard the young dog’s cries for help and called the police. When officers arrived, they found a freezing, malnourished dog wrapped in a garbage bag and cruelly discarded like trash. The dog was rushed to an Atlanta animal hospital, but she was in such bad condition that no one knew if she would live.

“She was almost solidly frozen, and Doc thought three times he was going to have to put her down,” said Penny Jenkins, manager at Atlanta West Veterinary Hospital, where veterinarians rushed to save the young dog. “But she kept fighting, and so did we,” said Jenkins, whose coworkers named the rescued dog Miracle.

Police are still looking for the cruel person who left this dog on Christmas Day, leaving it to freeze to death. Anyone with information is asked to contact Sergeant Finley of the Villa Rica Police Department at 678-840-1314 or [email protected] (All tips will be kept anonymous.)

Even as officers search for Miracle’s attacker, things are finally looking up for this sweet dog. The abandoned puppy is not only growing stronger by the day, but she has already been adopted by the officer who saved her life.

“Miracle went to her new fur-ever home yesterday with the officer who found her!!!” wrote the veterinary staff on Facebook. “She is doing very well, and we will see her tomorrow for a way-up to ensure that everything in her little body is working properly.” Thank you for all of your prayers, donations, and messages. She is truly a Christmas miracle for everyone!”

Miracle, congratulations! We’re overjoyed that you’ve found the loving home you deserve!

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