Meet Salvador Dolly, The Shelter Puppy Born With The Most Glorious Handlebar Mustache

Hearts & Bones Rescue sent a stray Shepherd mix to Dallas Animal Services a few weeks ago. The stray just gave birth to 11 gorgeous puppies, and everyone noticed something unusual about one of them, who had large black markings on her face that resembled a handlebar mustache.

As a result, the puppy was given the name Salvador Dolly, after the Spanish painter Salvador Dali, who was known not just for his paintings but also for his distinctive mustache.

With so many strays arriving at the shelter, the employees needed to find them a home as quickly as possible, and luckily, a foster house was nice enough to allow the family remain for a bit until they found a fur-ever home.

Salvador Dolly, her mother, and her siblings will be available for adoption by the end of August, and the pups are being attentively observed while they are still nursing. Their mother is being cared for and nourished in order for her to have the strength to care for all of them.

It will be a few weeks until the family is transported to New York for adoption, but Salvador Dolly has had several questions and applications to adopt her.

The volunteers caring for the puppies are overjoyed for Salvador Dolly, but they also hope that her mother and ten other siblings receive the same attention and affection as the ‘Mustache Puppy.’

They are all looking for a home, and the greatest thing is that they come with infinite licks, hairy embraces, and unconditional love.

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