Little Puppy Neglected Severe Dehydrated, Malnourished, Cannot Stand For More Than 5 Seconds

Meet Trappido! Danu Colombo got a report to help a poor puppy in severe condition. He is literally a bag of bones, he cannot stand for more than five seconds.

He was dehydrated malnourished flees galore scabies blisters soar all over his body, his stomach practically closed, and a large infection from which, he cannot open his eyes and oozes a lot of us constantly.

He is cared for by Myvit Maria Hermita, medicated, and undergoing treatment. They can only wait for evolution it is not easy.

So small and with everything he has his life hangs by a thread. The positive thing is that he eats,

he does not have vomiting but he does have a lot of diarrhea the day he arrived luckily later he cut it off.

His eyelids are sunken and one is recovering better than the other. To think positively the skinny guy has to get ahead he can’t lower his legs because there are many of us who want to see him smile at life.

It has been a week since he got home which encourages a little he gained weight. He had so many parasites inside that they are consumed they are already medicated.

After 11 days Trappido is better and it would be time to get out of bed, mom continues to take care of him a lot and she is happy because she says that he is very strong and trapped.

day 25 his eyes are almost healed, the vet has just a little more treatment left. he was already able to get his first vaccination.

Seven months since rescued great news as, Trappido finds his new free family, mission accomplished and this is not an end just a new beginning. Trappido started writing his own happy story.

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