India’s Sacred Six-Legged Cow: A Source of Reverence and Good Fortune

In a remote corner of India, a remarkable six-legged cow has become a symbol of veneration and luck. This bovine anomaly, born with a congenital defect, has garnered a devoted following among the local population who believe that just touching its extra pair of legs brings good fortune. Some even see it as an embodiment of a revered figure in Islam.

The Extraordinary Journey of the Six-Legged Cow

Owned by 35-year-old Laxman Bhosale in Solapur, Maharashtra, India, this extraordinary cow has embarked on a nationwide pilgrimage with its devoted owner. Wherever they go, they draw the attention of hundreds of curious onlookers.

Their journey, which commenced in July last year, has spanned six states and encompassed fifteen major cities.

A Divine Blessing

Laxman Bhosale shares, “People usually visit my home to see the cow. Many come from far-flung areas to seek blessings. That’s why I decided to undertake a pan-India tour with the cow so that people across the country can witness this holy cow and seek its blessings. The cow holds the spirit of a revered figure in Islam.”

Most visitors come to marvel at the sacred extra set of limbs and express their respect by making generous contributions.

A Cross-Country Blessing

Bhosale continues, “I’ve traveled through Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. Everywhere, people welcome the holy mother cow and seek blessings. Almost everyone wants to touch the extra legs.”

Currently in New Delhi, the capital of India, Bhosale considers this just a temporary stop.

“I plan to take the holy cow around this city for a few days. Afterward, I’ll be taking her to the revered Mata Vaishno Devi shrine in Jammu and Kashmir,” he shares. “My wish is that everyone receives blessings from the holy cow and its extra pair of legs.”

This extraordinary journey of India’s six-legged cow not only captures the fascination of the nation but also reflects the deep-rooted respect and belief in the power of the divine, even in the most unexpected of forms.

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