Hidden Treasures: Unveiling the Gold Coins Found in a North Yorkshire Home

A couple in North Yorkshire, England, made a surprising discovery while renovating their kitchen: a hoard of gold coins worth an estimated £250,000 (about $300,000).

The couple, who have not been identified, were pulling up floorboards in their kitchen when they found a small metal box. Inside the box were 64 gold coins, dating from the 17th and 18th centuries.

The coins were taken to a local auction house, where they were appraised. The coins are made of gold and silver, and they are in good condition. The most valuable coin is a gold guinea from 1672, which is worth an estimated £10,000 (about $12,000).

The couple who found the coins are planning to sell them. They say they are “over the moon” with their discovery, and they are grateful to the previous owners of the house for leaving them such a valuable treasure.

The discovery of the gold coins is a reminder of the rich history of North Yorkshire. The region was once home to a number of wealthy families, and it is likely that the coins were hidden during the English Civil War (1642-1651).

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