Heartwarming Farewell: Senior Dog Retires from Agility with One Last Run

Lakota the dog has weaved jumped and navigated agility courses for 10 years, but with her body aging, it was time to retire. But not before taking one more run of the course with her human, Val!

The crew from Three Pines Productions recorded Lakota’s last run and had this to say:

“At this past weekend’s AKC trial in Great Falls, I was reminded what this sport of dog agility is. I mean, at its core, its foundation. As I watched, through the lens, an obviously elderly dog made its way across the ring. No jumps were attempted, but the weaves, tunnel, and teeter were executed with ease. As the jumps were passed by and the team made their way through a small part of the course, it dawned on me. This is the foundation of the sport. I can sum it up in one word but maybe you could comment with a word you would use. Mine? Relationship.”

Knowing this makes watching this moment between Lakota and Val all the more touching!

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