He wandering alone on the street, asking every passbyer for help but but received only cold heart!

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Sarajevo 07.55 am, in front of a Sarajevo school nothing but feet for them! how I wish we were a bit different. Reactions of citizens, upon seeing a little Doggie were really heart broken by the severity of its cruelty!

The Doggie is a three to four month old dog! Wandering the streets, pleading for help, but everyone only stares at him with a cold heart!

Fahrudin Caki Bravo and his rescue team found him wandering around an elementary school in the Sarajevo neighbourhood of Bjelave! Doggie, the small street dog that had no future in this freezing town!

The poor doggie was very friendly and they didn’t found any difficult to catch him and took him with them.

“Thank you, all of you who are with me, thank you, all of you who respect my work and my struggle! Thank you to everyone who is able to help me with all of my rescued Doggies (till the end aim of finding them homes)!” Fahrudin said

They named him Bobby. And just a couple of months later, Bobby found his forever home and that’s we wish for all the dogs around the world.

And once again I’d like to kindly ask You to please share this story, and help our fight to rescue and find homes for as many Doggies without hope! Thank you all for your unwavering support!

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