He strained to summon the fortitude to call for assistance as all the skeletons came into view and he was on the verge of death

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Imagine yourself so hungry that you can’t remember what it’s like to eat a meal. Your stomach is completely empty, and your body is breaking. Finding food was nearly impossible for this dog. The thinner he became, the weaker he became. His organs began to fail due to severe malnutrition. He didn’t have much strength, and every bone in his body was visible through his skin.

He walked through the mud because any hard surface hurt him. Finally, by God’s grace, kind-hearted people noticed the dog and wanted to help. He approached them, practically begging to be saved. The dog, thin and scared, wasn’t used to being touched gently and flinched when they tried.

He was starving, but he also had scabies and was losing his fur. He was covered in sores, and his skin was becoming scaly and painful.

He wasn’t just afraid of being touched; he was in so much pain that he couldn’t bear any contact. His new friends realized he didn’t have much time left if they didn’t step in. They carefully picked him up and drove him to the nearest clinic.

He was terrified, but his rescuers thought he was relieved as well. Dogs are intelligent, and he is no exception. He realized he was no longer in danger.

Finally, the starving dog ate a substantial meal. They fed him slowly several times a day, knowing that his body might not respond well to so much food. You would become very ill if you ate too much food too quickly.

One of the kind strangers decided to permanently adopt him.

To treat his scabies, his new father has given him daily baths with medicated shampoo. He also shaved off all the fur so he could treat infected wounds properly. He’s already far superior.

The dog has a long journey ahead of him, but he now has a home and will never go hungry again. He even enjoys being touched. He was also constantly gaining weight! This dog will live a happy life thanks to the generosity of animal lovers.

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