Golden Retriever Was Stalking His Neighbor, So His Neighbor Comes Up With The Best Idea To Befriend Him

Do you ever get a feeling that you’re being watched?

We’re quite confident we know who the offender is if you reside in Alyssa West’s San Diego, California area! Coby, Alyssa’s Golden retriever, enjoys sitting on her balcony and watching the world go by. He welcomes everyone who passes by, but he has a favorite neighbor.

“My dog Coby fell in love with my next-door neighbor,” Alyssa stated. “He stalks people. Coby is always keeping an eye on him. Every day, he’s out there watching. He enjoys observing everyone who passes by, but there is one person in particular with whom he is infatuated.”

Sherwin Brown lives across the street from Alyssa in an apartment. Coby may frequently be found sitting on the balcony, staring into Sherwin’s home, because his kitchen window looks right over the alley to her balcony. Sherwin was enjoying breakfast with pals on FaceTime one morning when he looked up and noticed Coby looking at him.

Sherwin noticed a brief video Alyssa posted on TikTok of their breakfast date. They became internet friends, and Sherwin determined to do something special to show Coby that the “bromance” was reciprocal. He went out and got art supplies to make a window sign.

The residents did not stop there. The next stage was to connect their apartments so Sherwin could deliver goodies and toys to his new best friend. They spent some time devising a clothesline pulley system, and before long, Sherwin was delivering full rotisserie chickens across the alley, much to Coby’s joy.

After weeks of long-distance communication, Alyssa and Sherwin agreed to meet in person. Sherwin got him a shiny new toy, and the two quickly became friends.
“It was amazing seeing him love his toy,” he remarked. “We felt like we’d known one other for years.” Coby and I are great buddies, in my opinion. He’s the most adorable dog.”

These two have the most adorable bond! We admire that Coby initiated the friendship, and Sherwin readily agreed. Something tells us that Coby finds new pals wherever he goes.

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