Giovanna Podda: Confesses what she went through since her childhood being abducted by the Greys and provides “AUTHENTIC” photos of these Beings and UFOs

Giovanna Podda confesses bitterly: “I could no longer turn my back on what happened, I just wanted to tell what happened to me.” It all started two years ago with a courageous denunciation collected by the Mystery broadcast conducted by Enrico Ruggeri.

In September, the woman will return to the same screens for a new look. Giovanna said she was kidnapped by the “Greys”, a population of aliens at the age of five, and dozens of times subjected to analysis and insemination. Treated as a guinea pig to give life to a new mixed race of terrestrials and extraterrestrials.

“I got pregnant about twenty times, one of them went wrong and the malformed fetus stayed in my house,” she recalls, while at her home in Quartu she shows an autopsy of presumed remains of a fetus, a kind of amalgam of flesh and bones stained with blood.

Then she shows evidence of phosphorescent, indelible green marks on her body on the mattress, on the walls. Even what defines the mother’s test: a photocopy of a CT scan that would reveal the anomalous presence inside her of an unqualified object. THERE ARE THOSE WHO BELIEVE – 

A very unusual experience that caused endless skepticism and a lot of irony. But there are those who believe in them. From his partner with whom he has lived since he had to leave his native country. But that’s not all. On September 24 and 25 she is called to give her testimony and will be one of the speakers at the conference “Interactions between humans and aliens” scheduled in Rome with the extraordinary participation of Trevis Walton, a man kidnapped by extraterrestrials.

“Since I’ve attended the ufology conferences I haven’t felt lonely or crazy,” adds Giovanna, who starts again with her story. The seizure -. “I was a victim of kidnapping by a group of extraterrestrials with a spaceship They took me to a mysterious place and subjected to painful experiences there were other human beings, suffering, tried to rebel, but they were helpless.” A story that the scientific world did not believe in.

Giovanna carries with her what she declares to be a sacrosanct and raw truth and not the birth of an exalted mind as many believe. “I had the courage to reveal this truth, I’m not the only one living these experiences,” she stresses, “but others prefer to remain silent. I felt the need to make known this drama that I am experiencing. I release myself from a great burden and bring others out in the open. Instead, the burden weighed on me. But I don’t regret it. We want to keep certain truths hidden. But extraterrestrials exist and they are here among us.