Furless And Very Sick, He Huddled Alone, Defeated In A Corner

The plight of street dogs causes much sadness to us, animal lovers. Forced to struggle to survive amidst the most unhealthy and inhospitable conditions. Added to the indolence of humans, who reject them and feel no compassion, much less offer them a helping hand.

But on the other side of these stories, fortunately, more and more organizations, are motivated by their empathy and spirit of solidarity.

The effort and dedication that certain cases deserve reach unsuspected levels. But despite this, they never give up and do everything.

This is what happened to a puppy found in frankly shocking conditions.
He was in an obvious state of mistreatment, abandonment, and a series of injuries and illnesses.

The puppy, affectionately called “Hairy”, would break anyone’s heart. Skinless, hairless, and seriously ill, but that was not the worst …

“I still remember when we first saw him, not wanting to live, just waiting for his death”, said one of the rescuers.

The poor guy was already given up and didn’t want to fight anymore.

“His condition was terrible, the rescue was not easy at all, we needed to gain his trust. He was very afraid, something normal after people threw him around asking for food. Or else they were disgusted by his appearance”.

It’s a shame that there are people with hearts as hard as stone! Repulsion should have the world of their souls so rotten.

But then these heroes took on the challenge of staking everything on Peludito. But also all his progress is based on the selfless care of the vets and all the love they have always deserved.

The change was really impressive, Hairy now looks unrecognizable. He looks like another dog:

It seems incredible that this puppy rejected by so many has regained his golden coat, which therefore makes him so adorable.

This is how their rescuers proudly told it, along with a vigorous message of reflection:

“This is the change of our beautiful HAIRY, and if you saw him now he is very happy, and loves to play, run and eat a lot. If you can change the life of an abandoned dog, HELP HIM, YOU CAN ALSO!”.

“Now he has a roof over his head, a comfortable bed, and food every day which made Peludito feel totally loved. He made friends with all the rescued dogs from the shelter and together they got along well. Today he is happy and we are sure that little by little we have erased his wounds”, added Rescuing Huellitas Pisco.

He’s already vaccinated, dewormed, and neutered. He only has a small wound on his ear to heal.

In a final post, the shelter shared Peludito’s current state and his longing to find a home in the meantime.

Let’s help Peludito find that ideal family that will fill him with all the love he has always deserved and repair some of the sufferings that, fortunately, are now in the past.

Happy about this ending!

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