Frightened Pit Bull Left On The Side Of The Road In Doghouse Waited Patiently For Help

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The scared 9-year-old pit bull was curled up inside the cage, still leashed, and silently waited for help.

A dog was abandoned next to his wooden shed in a ditch by the side of the road in a rural area surrounded by farmers in California, USA.

According to The Dodo, someone observed the small house and informed the authorities about the dog.

An officer responded to the report and brought the dog to the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter (SCCAS).

The shelter employees identified the dog as Pebbles, but when police tracked down the owner, they discovered that Pebbles had been abandoned when the owner became homeless a year before.

Pebbles hasn’t had it easy since, but because to the cops’ kindness in getting her to the shelter, she now has a roof over her head and is thankful to have been spared.

Everyone who knows Pebbles adores her, and she is currently up for adoption and looking for a family to enjoy her for the rest of her life.

Maria Chomentowski wrote on Facebook” Pebbles, in my view, is the cutest small dog with the most beautiful deep eyes.”

Robin Gabriel, another Pebbles fan, stated “She is considerably prettier and more lovely in person.” lovely brown tabby

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