For a classic mid-size muscle car look and feel, the 1968 Torino GT is the perfect choice

In the mid-1960s, Ford found itself beaten by its rivals in the mid-muscle car market. Models like the Pontiac GTO and Chevrolet Chevelle SS make use of this field, making it extremely difficult for Ford to keep up. But all that changed in 1968 when Ford introduced the Torino GT. This two-door coupe is the product of Ford’s “Synthesis of Speed” philosophy, quickly building a reputation in the mid-muscle market, thanks to its powerful engines and trendy styling.

The 1968 Torino GT is a product of Ford’s “Synthesis of Speed” philosophy, designed with a strong and mechanical look, while feeling static and engine. It is available in a variety of colors and is equipped with many premium features, including electric brakes, electric steering and a 4-speed synchronous transmission.

But it’s under the trunk of the Torino GT that really stands out. Vehicles are available with many powerful V8 engines, including 390 cc V8 and 428 cc V8 Cobra Jet. The 390 V8 is capable of generating up to 325 hp, while the Cobra Jet engine is capable of delivering up to 335 hp. With these engines, the Torino GT can reach high speeds and is a power to face on the road.

The 1968 Torino GT quickly became the sales leader in the mid-muscle car market, outselling many of its rivals. The car’s aggressive styling and powerful muscle are a winning combination that attracts muscle car enthusiasts across the country. It was a car with both style and performance that quickly built a historic brand.

Today, the 1968 Torino GT remains a classic favorite among muscle car enthusiasts. Its powerful styling and powerful engine are still appreciated, still a testament to Ford’s “Synthesis of Speed” philosophy. For those who like style and performance, the Torino GT is truly “A Better Idea”.

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