Family Adopts Sanctuary Puppy with the Same Birth Defect as Their Son

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Sometimes the right dog comes together with the right owner and some might call it luck while others call it fate.


That’s exactly what happened when Jackson, Michigan resident Brandon Boyers walked right into an animal shelter lately. Brandon went to the Jackson Region Animal Sanctuary to take a look at 2 chickens he considered adopting, but fate had other plans.

While walking the sanctuary, Brandon saw a puppy with a cleft lip. According to Veterinary Partner, a cleft lip is a problem where part of the dog’s lip is misshapen or missing. Sometimes one or two nostrils may appear to connect directly to the mouth. When Boyers saw the young puppy with a cleft lip, he can not believe his eyes. He instantly Facetimed his wife, Ashley, to tell her about the adorable puppy.

The Boyers couple really felt a deep connection to the puppy because their boy, Bentley, was born with a cleft lip and had issues in the first months of his life. Ashley says her boy was a happy baby but he had issues with eating initially. They had to sit little Bentley up to feed him. She would certainly hold his lip with each other so he can eat food.


Immediately, Ashley told her husband they require the puppy and to adopt him. After filling out the documents and being approved, the family recently went to the shelter to bring the puppy home. According to the shelter, they rarely see puppies with a cleft palate or lip, so this was truly a case of the right person coming in at the correct time.

“To see him have something like with a puppy means a great deal ’cause he can grow up and understand that he and his puppy both have something that they can share in common,” Ashley said.

We wish the family all the best with their beautiful son and his brand-new beautiful puppy.


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