Expert Claims Discovery of UFO in Antarctica Using Google Earth

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A recent claim by Russian “expert” Valentin Degterev has set social media abuzz with speculation and debate. Degterev asserts that he has discovered a UFO frozen in ice in Antarctica, using Google Earth as his tool of observation. According to him, the object is a disc-shaped flying machine from a distant universe that crashed three years ago.

However, Degterev’s claim lacks substantial evidence, leaving many skeptical about the authenticity of his discovery. He estimates the UFO’s size to be between 20 and 70 meters but hasn’t provided a method for this measurement. Nigel Watson, a seasoned UFO investigator, commented cautiously on the image, acknowledging Antarctica’s history of UFO sightings but refraining from endorsing Degterev’s theory outright.

Experts familiar with Antarctica have dismissed Degterev’s claim, attributing the supposed UFO to a common tear caused by ice calving or melting. They argue that the area where the “UFO” appears to be situated contains natural rock formations and shadows that can create misleading images.

The debate surrounding Degterev’s discovery has attracted attention from both UFO enthusiasts and skeptics. While some praise his curiosity and boldness, others criticize him for making unsubstantiated claims. The possibility of extraterrestrial activity on Earth continues to intrigue many, but without concrete evidence, the nature of the object remains speculative.

The notion of discovering a UFO in Antarctica holds significant implications for humanity’s understanding of intelligent life beyond our planet. However, until more credible evidence surfaces, the mystery surrounding Degterev’s claim remains unresolved, fueling ongoing discussions about the potential existence of extraterrestrial beings.

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