Excavating ancient tombs, experts suddenly found an 800-year-old “Nokia phone”

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To date, the reason why this “Nokia phone” appeared in Austria is still a mystery.

According to the Daily Mail, in 2016, Austrian archaeologists while excavating in an area of the city of Fuschl am See, Salzburg state, Austria found a “Nokia phone”. The expert group said that the discovery of this “phone” was an unexpected situation.

According to the analysis results of archaeologists, this “Nokia phone” is about 800 years old. After its image was published, discussions on social networks quickly broke out. Many people believe that this “phone” is proof that objects can “travel through time”. Other opinions lean towards the hypothesis that it is an item left behind by aliens. The controversy only ended when experts announced the truth about the 800-year-old “Nokia phone”.

It turns out that this “Nokia phone” is actually an ancient clay tablet with a similar shape. The special feature of this clay tablet is that it has a full screen and 12 buttons like today’s mobile phones. These buttons are engraved with unique patterns and characters. In fact, these patterns are Sumerian hieroglyphic characters. This type of writing is also known as cuneiform. Cuneiform is one of the earliest known forms of written expression, dating back to the 30th century BC.

Since 4,000 BC, along with the exploration of the Mesopotamian basin, the Sumerians created this type of writing. When needing to express complex meanings, users will combine two badges together. Cuneiform writing was often carved into clay tablets that were often only a few centimeters wide.

However, many people still express doubts about the origin of the 800-year-old “Nokia phone”. They made two arguments as follows.

First, the location where the “Nokia phone” was found was in Austria, not Iran or another country that was home to the ancient Sumerians or Mesopotamia. Furthermore, the furthest area where cuneiform remains have been discovered is Tiahuanaco, now Bolivia. To date, there is still no evidence that the Sumerians reached Austria, so the appearance of cuneiform here is quite absurd.

Second, the size and design of the clay tablet is too similar to a cell phone. Because of this similarity, many netizens suspect that Sumerian culture was actually created by aliens. Therefore, they created such a realistic clay version of a “Nokia phone”.

Currently, Austrian archaeologists are trying to decode the meaning of the badges engraved on this ancient clay tablet in the hope of clarifying why it appeared in this country.

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